Composure streamlines your workflow by consolidating email, spreadsheets, and engineering tools into a single platform that manages incoming requests, documents, and internal communication.

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Enhance Visibility

Keep everyone up-to-date on the latest projects and feel confident that you're doing everything possible to help your clients succeed.


Receive requests from your clients, turn them into projects or one-off tasks, assign them to team members and prioritize work


Work on projects with team members, clients, and even external counsel with secure file sharing and communication


Track progress, compare estimates with results, and justify additional resources all on one performance dashboard

Integrate With Your Existing Stack

Legal Teams Deserve
Legal Software

Simplify your tech stack and maximize efficiency with features made for you

Teamwork Done Right

Understand what's going on and who's doing what at a glance and conquer communication chaos once and for all

Get All The Information. Upfront.

With our easy-to-use ticketing system, we help you get all the information needed for your process in one place.

Document Zen

Store and manage all your important documents in one place and stop wasting time searching through folders for misplaced documents.

Serious Protection

Keep your sensitive information safe with our Bank Level 256-bit AES encryption and feel confident that you're making the best decision for your organization

Connect Your Existing Solutions

Keep your information in a single place with Composure and seamlessly connect with +5000 tools you already use

Built For Management

Get performance insights to improve your team and show the value you provide management with beautiful and straightforward reporting

Performance-based Project Management

No matter the size of your legal team
Never feel out of the loop again when it comes to your legal matters.

Streamline Reporting

With real-time resource management, you can send tasks to individuals with availability so no one is overburdened

Enhance Collaboration

Deliver your best work product through seamless collaboration with clients and external counsel, all in one place

Simplify Value

Get reliable, actionable information for  business managers and show the value of your work with Composure

Hear what real people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what actual clients have to say about Composure’s impact on their daily operations and overall efficiency

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