Using Composure

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Add collaborators to your project

If your project has already been created and you need to invite additional staff members or collaborators to it, there are two ways to add them:

Invite new users:

In order to invite collaborators who do not yet have Composure profiles, first select the relevant matter from the Projects page. Once the project window is open, select the “Invite Collaborators” button. 

Click on  Invite Collaborators

The modal that appears will prompt you to enter the collaborator’s email address and to categorize the invitee as a “collaborator” (internal staff or business stakeholders) or as “outside counsel.” You may leave a note in your invitation that the collaborator will receive. Once complete, select the “Invite” button, and the collaborator will automatically receive a notification.

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Invite existing users:

In order to invite staff members or business stakeholders who already have Composure profiles, select the icon at the top right of the matter summary cell.

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The new modal prompting you to “Add Collaborators” provides a dropdown menu from which to select the user profiles that you need to add to the project. Individually select the relevant user names and press “Add” to complete the project invitations.

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Additionally, the modal lists the existing project collaborators below the dropdown menu. In order to remove a collaborator from a project, select the red “X” icon and confirm “Delete” thereafter.

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