Using Composure

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Add tasks to a project

Once a project has been created, you may need to add new tasks as it develops. To create a new project task, select the “plus” icon in the Task portion of the project window and select “Add New Task” from the dropdown.

Click on Add New Task

A new, incomplete task will immediately appear at the top of the task list. Enter a title and completion due date and attach any files relevant to that specific task.

Click on Gain leadership's approval…

The “task load” acts as a measurement of how much work the task will require, on a scale from 1 to 3 stars:

  • 1 star represents any task comprising less than one hour of work.
  • 2 stars represent any task comprising one to five hours of work.
  • 3 stars represent any task comprising more than five hours of work.
Click on Task Load…