Admin Tools

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Analyze individual and team contributions

To assess the performance of individuals on your team, navigate to the “Individual” tab on the Analytics page. In addition to being able to filter by date range and staff designation, you can assess individual performance by the following categories:

  • Tasks assigned
  • Tasks completed
  • Tickets assigned
  • Tickets completed
  • Number of user comments
  • Number of files uploaded
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To assess your team’s progress on high-value projects, the “Projects” tab under the Analytics page offers several viewing options. In addition to being able to filter by date range, you can assess team project completion across:

  • Project status
  • Project type
  • Project progress (which reports projects by their percentage completion)
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Furthermore, under the “Tasks” tab, you can see the number of specific projects tasks that have been created, are currently pending, or already completed across any date range.

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