Getting Started

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‍Archive or delete your notes

Otherwise, if you wish to archive or delete your notes, simply select the relevant note.

Click on Meeting notes:…

In the next modal, you will have the option to either “Archive” or “Delete” the note as you wish.

Click on Archive

When archiving a note, it will be removed from your dashboard but be retrievable whenever you wish to review it again. A case in which you might want to archive a note is if you compiled meeting notes for a project that is now complete and later need to revisit the work history.

To review any archived notes, select the “Archived Notes'' icon on the Notes cell.

Click on img

Thereafter, the library of archived notes will appear.

Click on  Notes unarchive…

Return to your un-archived notes by selecting the same button again. If you ever need to reactivate a particular note, you can return it to your dashboard by selecting the archived note and pressing the “Un-Archive” button.

When deleting a note, select the note you no longer need and press the “Delete” button in the modal that follows. You can delete both live or archived tickets. Once a ticket is deleted, there is no way of retrieving that information again.