Using Composure

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Using the Chat feature, your team can communicate in the same place where projects, tickets, and tasks are being managed. By streamlining private communication into the same platform as your matter management, your team can build alignment and send urgent messages without having to use another tool.

What is Chat?

Chat is Composure’s instant messaging tool, allowing staff members and collaborators to quickly and easily send text messages and attachments within the platform. While team members can also communicate through project comments and task approvals, chat will provide a sense of urgency that project updates and emails might otherwise lack.

This feature can be used not only for staff members and collaborators, but by outside counsel as well. If your legal staff needs to share information to a partnering firm immediately, or if they in turn need to communicate with your team on an urgent basis, Chat enables both parties to contact each other instantly.

Chat can be accessed by selecting the Chat page.

Click on Chat

The next window will surface any past chat threads, starting with the most recent. Chat is available to all users, except for “outside collaborators” who only use Composure to submit tickets.

Send a new chat

To begin a new chat thread with a colleague, navigate to the Chat page and select the “New Chat” button.

Click on  New Chat

The following modal will prompt you to select the user profile with whom you want to message from a dropdown menu. You can either select the name from the list or filter out certain results using the search bar.

Click on document

Select the name of the individual you want to message and select “Create.” 

Click on Create

A new chat thread will populate, and from there you can type and enter your message. Simply type your message and press the “Enter” button to submit it. 

Click on search

If you need to share a file with your colleague, select the paperclip icon and upload the relevant file directly from your computer.

Create a group chat

When you need to message more than one colleague or initiate a group discussion, Composure has the functionality allowing you to create a group chat. 

Navigate to the same Chat page and select the “New Group” button.

Click on  New Group

The following modal will prompt you to give the group message its own title. As they would with an individual message, users search or select the names of the colleagues they need in the group chat from the dropdown menu. Before completing the action, users can optionally select an image file from their computer to act as the image or icon for the group chat.

Click on document

Select “Create” and the new group message thread will populate.

Click on Create

As with an individual message, simply type your message and press the “Enter” button to submit it, with the option to include a file attachment as needed.