Using Composure

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Create a new project

When initiating a new legal matter, select the “New Project” button at the top right of the Projects page.

Click on  New Project

In the next window, you will be prompted to enter all relevant information on the new project, including: 

  • Project name
  • Status (select “New”)
  • Project collaborators
  • Matter type, or legal category
  • Task list
Click on Projects…

Depending on how your legal department’s account was initially set up, there may also be two additional, customizable fields within which to include additional project details (“Client name” or “Transaction type,” for example).

The“task list” refers to a preset selection of individual tasks that can be automatically applied to your project. For example, if your legal matter involves a real estate transaction, your administrator can create a custom set of tasks that can be applied to any project in the future. 

For more information on how administrators can create a task list, see “Create a custom task list.” 

Lastly, there is an option to make the project a “private” one. This label can be applied to any matter containing sensitive information and will only allow administrators and assigned collaborators to view its contents and associated files. Furthermore, private projects will not be visible whatsoever to unassigned users. Simply select the toggle on the screen to make the matter private.

Check Make Project Private

Select “Create Project,” and the new project will automatically appear on the Projects page. 

Click on Create Project

The same process can also be initiated from the Dashboard using the same “New Project” button on that tab.