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Google Workspace

Composure is committed to providing legal professionals with powerful tools to streamline their workflows and enhance collaboration. As part of this commitment, we have developed a seamless integration with Google Workspace, the popular suite of productivity tools that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more.

Our integration with Google Workspace enables users to manage their files, emails, and tasks efficiently within Composure. By connecting Composure to Google Workspace, legal professionals can easily access their documents, collaborate with colleagues, and stay organized, all within a single platform.

Key features of our integration with Google Workspace include:

Document management: Users can upload, store, and manage their Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly within Composure. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms while working on cases, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Email integration: Composure's Gmail integration allows users to track emails related to specific matters or clients, ensuring all relevant communications are organized and easily accessible. Users can also create tasks or calendar events directly from their email, streamlining their workflow.

Task and calendar management: By syncing Composure with Google Calendar, users can manage deadlines, meetings, and events in one central location, ensuring they never miss a deadline or appointment.

Collaboration: Composure's integration with Google Workspace promotes collaboration by allowing users to share documents, tasks, and calendar events with their team, all within the Composure platform.