Getting Started

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Review notifications and edit email notification preferences

Notifications will surface all relevant updates on your projects, tasks, and tickets as soon as they occur. Using notifications, you can be confident that you are always up-to-date on your projects’ critical status updates and that you are aware of what work your colleagues have completed.

To access notifications, select the bell icon at the top right corner of your dashboard.

Click on image

From there, your list of notification “Activities” will appear. Your notifications are available from any page within which you are working.

Click on Activities…

To edit your email notification preferences, once you have selected the notification icon, select “Alert Settings.”

Click on  Alert Settings

In the modal that populates, you will find a toggle to update email notification settings for projects, tickets, tasks, and comments. To turn notifications on or off for any given category, simply click the toggle. When you exit the modal, your changes will automatically save.

Click on document