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Tickets allow your legal staff to manage all intake from your business and from external parties. Composure has built a ticketing system with all the features you will need to effectively stay on top of intake, work seamlessly with business counterparts, and hold your legal staff accountable to supporting the business’ needs.

What are Tickets?

Tickets are the building blocks of your legal team’s intake function. A ticket can be submitted to your team from other members of the legal staff, business stakeholders, and outside counsel onboarded to Composure.

The ticket itself will include an entered description, associated comments and files, other status details, and an approval list detailing any individuals who need to sign off on the ticket’s completion.

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Review and filter your tickets

For staff members managing intake, they will find the tickets they are individually responsible for on the Ticketing page. Once opened, they will find three options to select from:

  1. Tickets: This option lists the open tickets currently assigned to you.
  2. Submissions: This option summarizes the list of open tickets submitted from your own profile.
  3. Approvals: This includes the list of tickets that require your sign-off before being completed. You can approve or disapprove any ticket directly from this view.
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Across all three views within the Ticketing page, you can filter tickets by the following:

  • Priority: Ascending, descending, or none
  • Ticket status
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Once you select the relevant filter view, your ticket view will automatically adjust.

Add approvals to a ticket

Once a ticket has been created, staff members and administrators can be added as ticket approvers. If a ticket requires a specific individual’s expertise or authority, then users should consider adding him or her as an approver for that matter to establish proper checks and balances in your intake approval system.

In order to add a ticket approval, open the ticket and select “Add Approvals” above ticket details. 

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In the new modal, enter the email addresses of the required approvers and select “Add.”

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Thereafter, the ticket will appear in that user’s list of “Approvals.” Note that only administrators and staff members can be designated as ticket approvers.

Review submissions and approvals

Any users who manage intake may also have their own set of tickets that require their sign-off. The Ticketing page brings these actions together to help you manage all facets of your intake system in one place.

To review your submissions awaiting review and completion, navigate to the “Submissions” option in the Ticketing page. Filter your submissions as needed and select an individual ticket to re-review its details.

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To review tickets awaiting your approval, navigate to the “Approvals” option in the Ticketing page. 

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Filter this list as needed, and you can approve or disapprove of any ticket from directly within the list itself. When you make your approval selection, you will be prompted to leave a note and upload any files, as needed.

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Select “submit,” and your approval or disapproval will appear on the ticket itself thereafter.

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