Getting Started

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Understanding your dashboard

Your Composure dashboard centralizes the key tools you use to manage your legal department’s daily work. Utilizing your dashboard, you can review project statuses and check in on your most time-sensitive tasks and tickets – all in just one glance. This tool enables your legal department to start and end the workday knowing exactly where matters stand.

What's on the dashboard?

  • Any project assigned to you will appear at the top of your screen and display its live completion status.
  • All tasks from those projects assigned to your profile will populate as soon as you log in. You can review task details and mark completion from within the dashboard.
  • The calendar tile displays events and project deadlines from that given day and week.
  • Add and edit personal notes from within your dashboard to help you keep track of your thoughts and meeting notes. By populating within your dashboard, your daily notes are easily accessible.
  • Manage the tickets you are responsible for and address them throughout the day.
Click on Dashboard…

Log a personal note

To create a note, navigate to the Notes cell on your dashboard and select “New Notes.”

Click on  Notes archive…

In the modal that populates, compose your note and format as needed using the options at the top of the screen. Once complete, select “Add.”

Click on document

Your new note will populate at the top of the cell. Scroll down to review and edit any prior notes that you have not yet archived. If you wish to edit an existing note, simply click on that note, enter your edits, and click out of that modal to save your changes.

Archive or delete your notes

Otherwise, if you wish to archive or delete your notes, simply select the relevant note.

Click on Meeting notes:…

In the next modal, you will have the option to either “Archive” or “Delete” the note as you wish.

Click on Archive

When archiving a note, it will be removed from your dashboard but be retrievable whenever you wish to review it again. A case in which you might want to archive a note is if you compiled meeting notes for a project that is now complete and later need to revisit the work history.

To review any archived notes, select the “Archived Notes'' icon on the Notes cell.

Click on img

Thereafter, the library of archived notes will appear.

Click on  Notes unarchive…

Return to your un-archived notes by selecting the same button again. If you ever need to reactivate a particular note, you can return it to your dashboard by selecting the archived note and pressing the “Un-Archive” button.

When deleting a note, select the note you no longer need and press the “Delete” button in the modal that follows. You can delete both live or archived tickets. Once a ticket is deleted, there is no way of retrieving that information again.

Review notifications and edit email notification preferences

Notifications will surface all relevant updates on your projects, tasks, and tickets as soon as they occur. Using notifications, you can be confident that you are always up-to-date on your projects’ critical status updates and that you are aware of what work your colleagues have completed.

To access notifications, select the bell icon at the top right corner of your dashboard.

Click on image

From there, your list of notification “Activities” will appear. Your notifications are available from any page within which you are working.

Click on Activities…

To edit your email notification preferences, once you have selected the notification icon, select “Alert Settings.”

Click on  Alert Settings

In the modal that populates, you will find a toggle to update email notification settings for projects, tickets, tasks, and comments. To turn notifications on or off for any given category, simply click the toggle. When you exit the modal, your changes will automatically save.

Click on document

Connect your calendar

Your Composure calendar is designed to sync with the calendar events associated with your email login. This way, all the work events already on your calendar can surface for you within the platform.

To ensure your calendar is properly connected, make sure to allow Composure access to the calendar associated with your Google or Microsoft email account. The easiest way to ensure this is to select the “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Microsoft Account” button while logging in.

Click on Welcome…

Search Composure

While the dashboard will enable you to easily access your day-to-day legal work, the search bar is available to help you quickly find relevant projects, tasks, and uploaded files. The search bar is located at the top right of your dashboard next to notifications.

Enter any project title, task or ticket label, or file name and a relevant list of items will appear under the search bar.

Type "media"

Similar to your notifications, the search bar is accessible from any tab.