Getting Started

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User types in Composure

Whatever your role is within a legal team or business, Composure has built the user type right for you. The platform’s user types, or role designations, surface the appropriate tools, account settings, and privacy features to keep all stakeholders focused on the projects relevant to their roles and enable legal professionals to operate with discretion.

What is an administrator?

An administrator has access to all of the platform’s settings and features necessary to manage staff, business collaborators, and settings for an entire legal department. 

Generally speaking, an administrator within Composure will be the General Counsel, head of the internal legal department, or otherwise the effective manager of day-to-day operations for a given business’ legal team. Whoever acts as account administrator will be entrusted with all Composure account settings and platform management.

In addition to managing account settings, the administrator may often be the individual(s) adding staff members or business collaborators to the platform, creating projects and assigning work, handling reporting requirements, and managing billing needs with outside counsel.

More than one user can act as administrator for any given legal department. If this applies to you, contact your support representative for help.

What is a teammate?

A teammate is the user type for any staff member of your legal team. As the designation for any employee or colleague directly contributing to your legal department’s goals, a teammate will have his or her own unique login and can manage his or her individual workload using a majority of Composure’s tools. Examples of typical teammates might include paralegals, internal lawyers, or other support staff within your department.

A teammate’s dashboard will surface projects, tasks, tickets and calendar information specific to his or her assigned workload. Additionally, individual staff members can use the Notes functionality to privately log, organize, and archive information relevant to their legal workload within the platform.

What is a collaborator?

A collaborator is any user of the platform that interacts with a business’ legal department without being a direct contributor to its work. Traditional collaborators within Composure might be affiliated leaders of your business, including members of the finance department, operations leads, and IT staff.

Collaborators can submit tickets, gain visibility into ongoing projects, and chat with legal staff and other collaborators within the platform. A key distinction of the collaborator role is that it does not have access to private matters or internal dialogue within a legal department that a leader or administrator deems confidential.

What is an external collaborator?

An external collaborator is any individual that completes submissions, or tickets, directly to your legal team.

An external collaborator would most often be an employee of your business who is not directly collaborating with your legal team but needs to submit support tickets. Alternatively, it may include a member of an outside law firm or an individual outside counsel who submits tickets but otherwise requires limited collaboration with your department.

What is outside counsel?

Outside counsel is the label referring to any law firm with which your business is working. As your department onboards outside firms supporting your legal needs, Composure enables your team to collaborate with outside counsel within the platform.

Outside counsel can be included in your team’s work management either as part of an officially onboarded law firm or on an individual basis directly through his or her email address. In other words, outside counsel do not necessarily have to be affiliated with a larger law firm your team is engaging.

This user may gain visibility into projects that your team deems appropriate. Additionally, outside counsel has visibility into billing-related information, may submit tickets directly to your legal team, and can utilize the chat feature.

What is the staff designation feature?

Staff designation refers to the labels an administrator uses to differentiate members of the legal staff into distinct groups. If your business’ legal department is organized by function (such as “Corporate Team,” “Litigation Team,” “M&A,” etc.), staff members can be designated accordingly.

When adding new staff members to your Composure account, and later when assigning tasks to users or groups within your legal department, staff designations can be applied. If a given project, task, chat, or calendar invitation is relevant to an entire sector of your department, staff designation makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with that entire group.

For more information on how to create staff designations, see “Customize Composure for your business.”