Using Composure

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What is Calendar?

The calendar displays all weekly and monthly events and deadlines based on information baked into your team’s projects and tasks. Furthermore, the calendar integrates with the Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar associated with your email login. So, if you have staff meetings already on your work email profile, you can trust Composure’s calendar to reflect that information for you in the platform.

Click on Dashboard…

The calendar also connects to individual tasks in your Composure profile. For any tasks you are assigned to with pre-designated action dates or deadlines, the title of those tasks will surface on that calendar date.

To view the content of your calendar, navigate to the Calendar page. 

Click on Calendar

The next window will automatically display the current month’s calendar with the current date highlighted. Any date with an event attached to it will display a bubble for visibility, and when you select the date, additional event details will populate below.

Click on 1…

Note that the calendar feature is only available to staff members and administrators. Collaborators and outside counsel will not have access to this tool.