Getting Started

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What is Composure?

Composure is a project management app for legal teams that connects people to the information they need. Composure transforms the way organizations communicate by bringing legal and non-legal teams together to work as one unified group.

Working in Composure

Composure helps you work in a efficient, collaborative, and secure way.


With Composure, you have access to your legal team from anywhere in the world. The app even offers dedicated spaces for each project so that all related documents are readily at hand when needed - saving time by limiting back-and forth between individuals who may already be busy with other projects.


With Composure, you can work on projects and tickets from anywhere at any time. No matter where in the world you are located or what time zone you're in, there is always access to information needed for your job without having coordinate schedules with others who may also be working remotely.


Teams collaborating on Composure's secure platform can share information with the entire organization. This way, everyone stays aligned and makes decisions more efficiently and in a secure workspace!