Getting Started

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What is Composure?

Composure is a legal software platform for teams to manage all their needs in one place – the mission control for legal departments. 

With comprehensive intake, collaboration, analytics, and billing tools, you can manage all your legal needs in one place with a data-driven approach, minimize spend from outside counsel, and increase accountability with staff internally.


Streamline the way you manage legal requests from your colleagues and stakeholders with Composure's ticketing tool! Say goodbye to wasting valuable time with endless back-and-forth emails and meetings. Instead, improve your internal processes and keep on top of all your legal matters in one organized place. With Composure, you can bring clarity and transparency to legal project management, providing your team and stakeholders with real-time updates on their requests. Maximize your productivity and minimize the headaches with Composure's intuitive and easy-to-use platform.


Composure helps your legal team thrive alongside your business and external clients. Improve your intake with Ticketing, get answers fast with Chat, and see your business’ most urgent priorities to completion with the Projects functionality. By connecting with other tools, your Calendar will automatically surface meetings and deadlines critical to aligning your staff. Collaborate, communicate, and manage staff with Composure’s interconnected tools and software integration functionality.


Maximize your legal department's potential with Composure's analytics capabilities. No longer will you have to struggle with inefficient tracking methods. Instead, use our automated reports to keep stakeholders updated on project progress, staff work completion, and intake backlogs. Whether it's proving the value of your legal team or securing additional resources, Composure's real-time bandwidth reports have you covered. Start showcasing your team's strengths and making a significant impact today.


As your legal department expands into initiatives that require external support, Composure is there to help you manage those new stakeholders. Onboard collaborating law firms with ease while managing billing and tracking hourly spend alongside the same tools used to manage staff and internal business matters. As your team develops, Composure develops alongside you.