Using Composure

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What is on the Files page?

Your legal team will be managing a broad set of matters that involve dozens of legal documents and sensitive information. As such, critical to your legal department’s success is the ability to securely store all of your legal files in one place. Composure’s file management tool allows you to upload the documents and files associated with all your legal matters across projects and users.

What is on the Files page?

From the home screen, navigate to the Files page to open the list of all documents currently uploaded to your legal team’s account. You can scroll through all uploaded files using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Click on Dashboard…

In order to view a file from within this screen, select the name of the file. 

Click on 715756LOI V3.docx

A modal will appear to the right with data showing the date of upload, uploader’s name, and the file’s associated project. Select the “Download” button and the file will immediately download to your computer.

Click on Uploaded Date…

Unless the file is associated with a private project, all the same files will be available to both administrators and staff members. However, note that these files are only available to staff members and administrators. Collaborators and outside counsel do not have access to this tool.