Practice Management Advisors: What They Do And Why You Might Need One

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October 20, 2023

Chances are you have heard of practice management advisors yet you might not know exactly what these professionals do.   Take a brief moment to read through this post, reflect on your law firm’s current status as well as previous challenges and you might determine you can greatly benefit from law practice management consulting.

The Role of Practice Management Advisors

Practice management advisors assist attorneys in their quest to adapt to changes.  These specialists have helped attorneys advance and enhance how their firms operate.  Such guidance maximizes law firm efficiency as well as law firm ethics in the context of technology, marketing, and overarching organization.  This assistance makes it that much easier for attorneys to streamline workflows.  The streamlining of work has proven especially important amidst the ongoing pandemic.

There is a common misconception that legal practice management advising is limited to providing attorneys with assistance in terms of software training, data protection, document management, and legal technology.  Though practice management advisors certainly provide guidance in the context of tech tools, these professionals also assist with shifting mindsets, overcoming challenges about client management, and plenty more.

Assistance With Client Management

If you are like most attorneys, you are struggling to keep your clients satisfied, especially during the transition away from in-person interactions to those on the web through videoconferencing.  Practice management advisors facilitate client management through analysis and suggestions tailored to each law firm.  These professionals provide invaluable advice about using technology to maximize law firm efficiency.  In the end, efforts to improve the client experience ultimately enhance the attorney’s experience and benefit the firm’s bottom line.

As an example, practice management advisors often suggest attorneys tap into the power of client portals.  Such portals maximize law firm efficiencies, providing clients with a direct means of communicating with their chosen legal practitioner and/or support staff.  Prioritize communication with the assistance of a practice management advisor and you will find those clients are more satisfied with your legal services and also that much more inclined to recommend your firm to friends, colleagues, family, and others.

Practice management advisors can also help your firm leverage the power of automation to save money, time, and effort.  Alternatively, if you suspect you have gone overboard with automation and might risk a professional conduct violation, a practice management advisor can help implement changes and ultimately make it easier to build momentum toward providing legal service that proves mutually beneficial to your firm as well as your clients.