Tax Automation For Law Firms: How New Technology Can Save The Day

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October 21, 2023

The challenge of taxes is becoming that much easier to overcome thanks to tech advances.  In particular, tax automation software has facilitated law office automation.  Take advantage of legal technology designed with tax and accounting for law firms in mind and you will reduce risk and also expedite the overarching process.  This technology has advanced to the point that it highlights the nuances of tax laws, provides accurate estimated taxes, and ultimately improves financial data quality.

Tax Automation

It is no secret that taxes have become egregiously complex.  Preparing your own firm’s tax returns as well as those of clients, responding to audits, and crunching all the relevant numbers is not easy.  Enter tax automation powered by innovative technology.  

Tax automating technology has progressed to the point that it can identify mistakes and even fraud through artificial intelligence.  In other words, both law firms and governments are turning to breakthrough tax automation software to ensure businesses and everyday people are paying the proper amount of taxes.  Some such tools have advanced to the point that they flag questionable information presented in tax forms to mitigate the chances of rejection and/or audit.  

Out With the Old, In With the New

The moral of this story is a law firm that relies on outdated processes or even manual processes including spreadsheets and paper filings will be at a significant competitive disadvantage.  The bottom line is failing to change with technology creates the potential for systems that do not stay up to date with tax laws and regulations.  

Keep in mind, the tax industry is dynamic rather than static, meaning it is constantly undergoing changes and evolutions.  If your law firm does not keep pace with the use of the industry’s latest tech, you will take on more work than necessary and also be more likely to be audited.

The days of relying on rough projections and retrospective tax calculations are long gone.  Law firms and tax professionals that embrace technology in the context of taxes find client taxes are that much more predictable and accurate as they are data-driven.  Tax automation software has even been programmed with compliance in mind to significantly reduce the chances of IRS analysis.  These advances are the result of the power of machine learning and natural language processing.  Everything from classifying data to processing it is now faster thanks to tax software automation.

Heighten Your Tax Efficiency

Tax technology makes it that much easier to do more with less of a time investment and human capital investment.  Tax automation tools are now capable of completing rote tasks with accuracy.  This technology represents a shortcut to heightened efficiency and cost reduction that proves mutually beneficial to clients as well as your firm.