The Pandemic and Your Legal Practice: Challenges and Opportunities

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October 21, 2023

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have an end in sight.  Though the omicron variant of the virus has dissipated, a subvariant has emerged.  No one is quite sure if there will ever be an end to coronavirus variants or if the pandemic will drag on for years or even indefinitely.  In the context of the legal realm, COVID-19 and the law is what matters most.  There are several pandemic legal considerations worth addressing as the increasingly uncertain legal landscape continues to take shape.

Remote Work

Plenty of law firms have transitioned to becoming virtual law practices amidst the pandemic for obvious reasons.  Progressions in legal technology have facilitated this transition.  As an example, hybrid law offices with operations split between remote locations and the office are that much more efficient with the right practice management software.

Law firms and courts have quickly transitioned to virtual appearances through videoconferencing services such as Zoom.  Though some court hearings still require in-person appearances in brick-and-mortar courtrooms, many have partially pivoted to remote video conferencing to maximize social distancing, slow the spread of the virus and heighten efficiency.  Some courts are even permitting e-signatures on legal documents as opposed to traditional signatures written in pen on paper legal documents.

Client Connections are Changing

The average law firm’s sales model is changing as a result of the pandemic.  Social distancing has ushered in an era in which people find attorneys through the internet as opposed to word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family, and colleagues.  The shift to digital inbound marketing has leveled the playing field between small law firms and large law firms.  Furthermore, it is also becoming that much easier for new attorneys who lack an expansive professional network to bring new clients into the fold as social interactions have reached an all-time low.

Successful Law Firms Embrace Change

The moral of the ongoing pandemic is that our economy and life, in general, are dynamic.  The workplace, the legal industry, and social norms will continue to change as the pandemic unfolds and time moves forward.  Law firms that seamlessly adjust to those alterations will prevail in the end.  

View the new era of tech-centric legal work as an opportunity for your firm to evolve, make the digital realm one of your firm’s strengths as opposed to a weakness and you’ll thrive even if the pandemic stretches on for several more years.