The Top 5 Practice Management Podcasts for Lawyers

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October 21, 2023

Podcasts have exploded in popularity across the past decade. If you work in the legal industry, it is in your interest to shift away from the top mainstream podcasts to practice management podcasts created specifically for attorneys. The five law firm podcasts detailed below touch on legal practice management challenges, practice management technology innovations, the latest legal news, and more.

1. Dominate Law Podcast

When it comes to legal industry podcasts, the Dominate Law Podcast is one of the best.  Hosted by Naren Arulrajah, this podcast serves as somewhat of an open forum for the industry’s top minds to float out ideas, share helpful tidbits and offer insight. The podcast also makes it that much easier for listeners to develop a better understanding of law practice management strategies that save time and money.  The podcast also touches on building client relationships amidst the ongoing pandemic.

2. Clienting Podcast

The Clienting Podcast, created by AttorneySync, is hosted by Kelly Street and Gyi Tsakalakis. The purpose of this podcast is to provide attorneys with the best and latest information about legal marketing and practice management. The podcast touches on client management, search engine optimization, strategies to optimize legal practice management and so much more. Listen in and you’ll find the information presented makes it that much easier to manage your practice, connect with new clients, and set the stage for additional client connections.

3. Legal Marketing Minutes

This unique podcast is hosted by Nancy Myrland.  Myrland has more than two decades of legal industry experience. The relatively brief podcast episodes provide easily consumable information that helps attorneys better market and manage their practice.

4. This Week in Law Podcast

When it comes to legal podcasts with a track record of success, few compare to this one. This Week In Law has nearly 500 total episodes. Hosted by Stefan Szpajda and Denise Howell, the podcast touches on everything from current events in the legal industry to technology law issues and practice management challenges.

5. The Filevine Fireside Podcast

The Fireside podcast is hosted by the lovely-sounding Katie Wolf.  Tune in and you’ll hear interviews with some of the legal industry’s superstars. The podcast emphasizes the role of technology in law firm practice management, providing listeners with an opportunity to learn about the industry’s latest tech changes that have the potential to significantly improve their legal practice.