Using Composure

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Project Management

Projects organize the highest-value work done by legal teams today. Composure enables your legal department to implement, track, and fulfill the goals of your large-scale initiatives. Whether working on-site or in a remote environment, your staff members can contribute to your business’ legal matters from wherever they work using Composure’s project management tools.


Tickets allow your legal staff to manage all intake from your business and from external parties. Composure has built a ticketing system with all the features you will need to effectively stay on top of intake, work seamlessly with business counterparts, and hold your legal staff accountable to supporting the business’ needs.


Using the Chat feature, your team can communicate in the same place where projects, tickets, and tasks are being managed. By streamlining private communication into the same platform as your matter management, your team can build alignment and send urgent messages without having to use another tool.


The Calendar centralizes and visualizes your matter deadlines and other critical dates that keep your legal staff aligned. By automatically connecting with other tools in Composure, your calendar will store and surface all relevant events and deadlines to you and your staff.

File Management

Your legal team will be managing a broad set of matters that involve dozens of legal documents and sensitive information. As such, critical to your legal department’s success is the ability to securely store all of your legal files in one place. Composure’s file management tool allows you to upload the documents and files associated with all your legal matters across projects and users.