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Teamwork, insights, and data ownership for your firm.
That's Composure.

Practices have more tasks and decisions than ever before, but they're not all equally important. The right software can help you make sense of who's working on what so that your firm gets the most out each employee while still being able to track matters adequately.

Work Together

Composure allows you to keep track of who's working on what, stay up to date on progress, and ensure that all your team members are on the same page. Most importantly, get off email.

Manage Documents

With Composure, you can easily access your documents from any device or computer, making it the perfect solution for busy attorneys who need to stay organized.

Simplify Intake

Whether you're looking to build a single form that covers all of your organization or individualized versions for every department, our flexible and conditional logic-based forms will make it easy.

Practice Insights

Composure allows you to stay on top of regulation changes and law firm news so you can make informed decisions for your work.

Real Legal Analytics

Get access to all of your team's data in one place. See how they're performing against each other and what everyone was doing on the job-even if you don't have the time for a one-on-one.

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