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Create a custom task list

Composure allows an administrator to set up customized, automated task lists that can be applied to any of your projects. These pre-designated lists of tasks might apply to one or more project categories and comprise certain actions that must always be completed by members of your team. For example, for any real estate transaction your legal team manages, you as administrator can create a custom set of tasks ready to be applied each time a new transaction enters your purview. With custom task lists, Composure saves you time and standardizes the work your team completes across legal matters.

Setting up any custom task list can be done in a matter of minutes. Within the “Settings” screen, select the “Task List” tab. You will find the options to create a new task list or edit existing task lists. To create your first task list, select the “plus” icon next to “Default Tasks.” 

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In the “Task List” modal, enter the title of your custom task list in the first field. From there, you can begin to create the individual tasks that comprise your automated list. The second “Title” field is where you can enter the title of the first individual task, followed by the “Description” where additional details can be included.

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For each additional task in your list, select the “Add Task” button, and you can enter another task title and description. Follow that process until all custom tasks in your task list are completed. Select “Save,” and the new task list will immediately appear within your “Task List” tab.

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In order to edit an existing task list, select the “three dots” icon next to that list. From the dropdown, select “Edit,” make the necessary changes, and select “Update” to save them.

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To delete a task list entirely, instead select “Delete” and confirm deletion in the modal that appears.

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Once your custom task list is created, it can be automatically applied to any new project that you or your staff creates.