Using Composure

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What is a Project?

A project in Composure is synonymous with an initiative or legal matter of importance to your business. Any matter that requires multiple steps or tasks to complete can be managed within the Projects functionality on your dashboard. Projects are designed to streamline collaboration on matters using one source of truth that your legal staff and business stakeholders can access.

There are three primary aspects to a project:

  • First, there is the information, classification, and collaborator panel. You can review and adjust the matter’s title, current status, and project type, among other customizable filters. This” summary” portion of the project also displays a progress bar that automatically updates as the matter’s tasks are completed.
  • Then, the comments and attachments portion below organizes the content and dialogue around the project. Think of the comments section as your new email thread. “Comments” and “Files” can be utilized by staff members as well as internal and external collaborators. “Internal Comments” and “Internal Files,” on the other hand, can only be utilized by administrators and staff members assigned to the project.
  • Lastly, tasks are the building blocks of the project, organizing your initiative into smaller, actionable milestones that can be delegated to various members of your legal team. Tasks can be assigned to anyone marked as a collaborator on the project.
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